Don't Know How To Let You Go

written by Katey Sagal, John Shanks. & Bob Thiele, Jr.

Been waking up in the middle of the night
Been wondering where I belong
I look at you - we used to be so right
But now baby something's wrong

I'm not sure I wanna find the words
Are some things better left unsaid
Maybe we'll just go on and fool ourselves
Turn out the light and go back to bed

>Please keep on talking
And tell me one more time
How love will always find us
And I'll make believe
And the hurt won't show
And I'll act like I don't know
(Don't know how to let you go)

Love don't give you all the things you want
Love has a price all of its own
Love never gives you an easy way out
Sometimes you might be better off alone

Don't know much about what's right or wrong
So many things can change with time
But today I'm just tryin' to figure out
What's going on in this heart of mine